Graduation reflection

Yesterday evening on Monday the 16th of December 2013 the year 6’s went out for dinner and then walked down to our graduation ceremony. Everyone was dressed up for the occasion, wearing fancy clothes and making sure they didn’t spill any food on themselves as it was such a big night. The food and service at Legends was great and our school is lucky to be near such a great place to eat before a special event at the school. I had fish and chips for dinner, the fish was crispy yet light and tasty, on the other hand the service was really good. The waiters served us quickly but not to quick, Legends is an excellent venue and I suggest it to anyone who is hosting/attending an event and dosen’t know where to eat before the event starts.

 Once the year 6’s walked to school we lined up ouside the SPC and waited to walk into our graduation ceremony. I walked in to smiling faces



5/6 2013 Camp Reflection

There were lots of sounds as we left for camp, the steady hum of the bus, parents wishing their children farewell, people talking about random thing with their partners or just shouting across the bus to other people and then of course the noisy Bop-it shouting out instructions.

Once the bus got going I felt excited and curious to learn and have fun at camp yet i felt a bit sad and unhappy because i was leaving my parents back at home while I was off in Warrnambool having fun and making discoveries. I felt quite content while talking to my friends during our big  journey up to the Shipwreck coast.

Our first stop was Narana Creations, where I saw some amazing things! Their helpful staff showed us some great things to eat out in the bush therefore getting the name “bush tucker”. We were also shown a demonstration of  boomerang throwing from experts and we then watched other people throw boomerangs and even got a turn of throwing a boomerang ourselves.

When we got to camp we smelt a very nice but also very distracting smell from the chicken shop next to the motel that we were staying at, but the the teachers still managed to round us all up into our rooms where we got used to staying with the people in our cabin and had a shower so we did not smell bad, we then went to dinner and sat in four separate tables. Each table went one at a time to go get dinner while the others smelt the food and waited patiently for their turn!

On the second day we visited flagstaff hill maritime village and museum in the village we did a quiz where we had to answer questions and learn history ourselves or in groups. I was with luke and when we were up to our last question we could almost taste it and then the race finished and we had our tasty recess. After that we went to lake pertobe adventure playground and ate our yummy lunch and play on the massive playground! Tower hill is an inactive volcano thriving with life and nature, which made it such a great place to visit next. we were shown some bush tucker there which was very tasty for what it was (plants). To finish of the day we ate a very nice – tasting dinner from Macey’s bistro.



Cyril Harrison Wecht

READING <—-click here. Cyril Harrison Wecht is a forensic pathologist. He has worked on lots of very famous cases that you may have heard about including the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy who is more commonly known as JFK, John was the president of the united states of America  before he was assassinated. Cyril was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 20th of march 1931 and is now 82. Cyril Wecht has published over 5 books and became famous through TV appearances and being a consultant on many deaths. Wecht strongly believes that there was more than one bullet  shot and more than one person shooting during the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was at the time the young and very popular US president. Other cases he has worked on include very big names like Elvis Presley and Herman Tarnower. Rich Fitzgerald, a politician from pittsburgh stated “Cyril, obviously, is a national figure, international figure, in many ways so we’re lucky to have someone of his stature here in Allegheny County.” I think that Cyril Harrison Wecht is a great forensic pathologist and I have been very happy to do this project on him!


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5 Big Questions: Gilberts Ghost Train

1. What makes this book good? The mystery around gilbert makes it good because it leaves you hanging throughout the whole book! I think

2. What would make this book better? Having a conclusion to the mystery regarding Gilbert. Is he a ghost or not? I think the author should answer this question as the ending is a bit blunt and not as interesting as some other books.

3. What’s the one most important thing that the author wants you to know? Bad things happen to good people. I think this because the main character’s brother dies from leukaemia and he is a very good person.

4. Why did the author write this? To show that a really good story can help someone feel a lot better about their life no matter how bad their life is!

5. What does the audience need to understand and enjoy the book? you need to be able to know basic things about australian history but not too much! It also might help to know what Leukaemia is!


100WC Week 12 a letter in a bottle

This is my message to the children in the Philippines who suffered from the wrath of typhoon Haiyan. I think you are mentally some of the strongest people in the world. I cannot believe what it would be like if I lost my parents, let alone having battle scars myself, have no parents and no house. I would feel like nobody cared about me, please do not think like that, the whole world admires your bravery, mental strength and ability to survive a typhoon. Your story inspires the world. Every single person who went through such hardship is a hero!

Maths Mate 6 Term 4 Sheet 5 Question 22

Predict:I predict this will be a multiple choice question because of my prior knowledge of the setup of multiple choice questions.

Read: Which deal costs less per gram?

Clarify: I had no words, phrases, or ideas to clarify.

What’s the big question?: Which deal costs less per gram?

Strategies: Do I know a similar problem?, Break the problem into smaller parts.

Solve: first I doubled (B) leaving me with the same amount of grams but a different cost, then I simply compared the two prices to see which one was higher. B was higher leaving me with the answer: A!

5 Cent Frenzy – Infographs


Q: What is an infographic?

A: A visual image of data.

As a part of our 5C frenzy work we created Infographs to create interesting and colourful ways to present our data. There are many online sites that let you create these graphs we used

Some of the problems we encountered along the way were: confusion, teamwork.

What we did to overcome these were: clarification, just getting on with it.

What worked with our Infographs was: finding graph types and comparing and contrasting these graphs.

What I can improve upon is:  clarifying everything before starting,

Below is my graph: